Information and Guidance for Refugees

Information and Guidance for Refugees at Lower Saxony's Institutions of Higher Education

Currently many people are seeking protection in Germany from war, persecution and threats to their lives. Besides feeling secure, they are also searching for prospects for a self-determined life – and a good education is an important prerequisite for this. Therefore, Lower Saxony's institutions of higher education and the Ministry of Science and Culture are supporting refugees who are interested in starting a study course and who have questions concerning the continuation of an already initiated study programme in their home country or concerning further academic qualifications.

Advice & Information
If you are a refugee and would like to study or take up your studies again which you have already started in your home country, you can get a consultation at an institution of higher education near you. The specialised cousellors and contact data can be found on this page.
Advice & Information
A variety of institutions, organisations and associations which deal with the complex problems and issues of refugees can provide the necessary information and give first advice and answers.

Access to Higher Education for Refugees in Lower Saxony

Currently, refugees are allowed to study with qualified educational certificates and sufficient knowledge of German in Lower Saxony. Persons who have no proof of a higher education entrance qualification, either because they lack the appropriate educational background or cannot verify the necessary documents, may acquire the necessary entrance qualification for a chosen study subject depending on the individual prerequisites, for example with an entrance test or an aptitude test at the "Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg". An aptitude test is required for admission, especially when formal qualifications are missing or are insufficient.

The graphic of Lower Saxony's Ministry for Science and Culture (MWK) explains different ways to get access to higher education in Lower Saxony with a foreign education level. To avoid misunderstandings please use the annotation to this graphic in German, English and French on the Ministry's website.