How to Apply (Non-EU)
Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg

What is Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg?

Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg ("Lower Saxony Preparatory Foundation Course") is an institution at Leibniz University in Hannover. Here, prospective students (non-EU), who are not qualified for direct university admission on the basis of their school-leaving certificate, are prepared for their studies in Germany.

Generally, the foundation course takes two semesters. Language of instruction is German. At the end of the foundation course, course participants will have to take the University Entrance Examination. Passing this exam will qualify candidates for subject-restricted studies in Germany.

You cannot apply directly to Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg. Instead, send the application for your desired study programme to your university of choice or to uni-assist, if your university cooperates with this association. Visit your university's website to find out which application procedure applies to you.

If your application is successful, it will be forwarded from the university to Studienkolleg, and applicants will be invited to the Studienkolleg's entry exam, which takes place each February and September.

The admission process at Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg consists of two steps. First you have to provide proof of German language skills by means of a recognised certificate. Minimum requirement for being admitted to the foundation course at Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg is German level B1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You will find an overview of all recognised certificates here on the website of Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg.

The second part, an entrance exam, tests maths and science skills or basic knowledge of the Humanities. The content of this part depends on the type of course you have chosen.

The higher you score in this entrance exam, the better your chances for a place in the foundation course. On the website of Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg you will find sample tests, which you can use to prepare for the exam.

Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg offers four different course types, to give applicants the ideal preparation for their desired field of study:

  • M-Course for Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology and related subjects
  • T-Course for Mathematics, Science, Technical and Engineering Programmes
  • W-Course for Economics, Business Administration and Social Sciences
  • G-Course for German, Arts and Humanities
    Applicants for the S-Course (Linguistics) attend the G-Course as well, but have to take an additional test in a foreign language.
N. B.: Choose your desired course type very carefully because a change of courses after the entry exam will not be possible. By completing the foundation course successfully, you earn the qualification for subject-restricted study. This qualifies you to study those subjects for which you have been prepared in the foundation course.

As a rule, the foundation course at Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg takes two semesters. Each semester may be repeated once. In case of excellent performance, it is also possible to reduce the course duration to one semester.

Depending on the course type, the weekly schedule consists of 30 to 32 lessons.

At the end of the foundation course, participants have to pass the University Entrance Examination or "Feststellungsprüfung". The exam is offered twice a year. It consists of two parts: a written and an oral examination. Depending on the course type, four or five subjects will be tested. In any case, there will be a German exam. 

By passing the University Entrance Examination, you will earn the qualification for subject-restricted study. This qualifies you to take up an undergraduate degree programme (Bachelor) in your chosen field of study.  However, before you can begin your studies, you have to re-apply for your desired study programme to your university of choice.

Attending Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg costs: 

  • 30 Euro registration fee for the entry exam
  • 250 Euro tuition fee (per semester)
  • ca. 300 Euro semester contribution (per semester)

Should you prefer to take the University Entrance Examination as an external applicant, you will have to pay a participation fee of 200 Euro. 

For the duration of the foundation course, participants have the status of students of Leibniz University Hannover. This means that participants, like students, have to pay the respective semester contribution (see above), but in return they will be able to use the semester ticket for free public transportation in the Hannover region and beyond. 

Foundation course participants also need health insurance. Unfortunately, participants cannot be part of the student health insurance, but will have to take a private insurance. Find the most important information on health insurance here.

All in all, average living costs add up to about 819 Euro per month. Since there are usually no scholarships for first-year-students, participants of the Studienkolleg will have to raise this amount by themselves. However, you may be eligible to apply for a scholarship in your home country.  

Last updated: October 2018

This is possible. To do so, you have to apply successfully to one of the universities in Lower Saxony. The university will then register you for the University Entrance Examination. For further information on exam prerequisites, deadlines, exam contents and exam organisation, visit the website of Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg.