Leuphana University of Lüneburg
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Founded 1946
9.337 Students
92 Study Programmes
Bicycles instead of tanks
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under public law



Semester dates

Winter Semester from 1st of October to 31th of March Summer Semester from 1st of April to 30th of September

Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Universitätsallee 1
D-21335 Lüneburg
Tel.: (+49) 4131 677 0

University - The Particular

Leuphana University of Lüneburg features an award-winning study and university model that is unique in the German academic landscape. The model comprises a College where undergraduate degrees are pursued, a Graduate School offering interconnected Master’s and doctoral programmes, and a Professional School that organises continuing education programmes. Studies at Leuphana are challenging, open, lively and sustainable. The university places emphasis on its students’ sense of responsibility, inquisitiveness and initiative. Its degree programmes are characterised by diversity, interdisciplinarity and proactiveness.

Study Programme - Main Focus

Leuphana University of Lüneburg sees itself as a public university for civil society in the 21st century. Five science initiatives characterise its spectrum of subjects: educational research/teacher education, management and technology, cultural research, sustainability research, and public affairs. English-language programmes such as Digital Media, Global Environmental & Sustainability Studies, and International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship accentuate the university’s international outlook.

Background - The Insight

Leuphana is a true campus university. In the 1990s, the university relocated to the site of former barracks, featuring numerous brick buildings. The library, lecture theatres and canteen were constructed at that time. Four student housing complexes on campus create a special atmosphere in which to study. The university inaugurated its new central building, designed by the world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind, in 2017. In addition to an auditorium maximum with a seating capacity of 1,200, the building provides space for research, a study centre and a seminar centre.

What's special here?

Most people associate tracked vehicles in a barracks area with tanks. Today, tracked vehicles can still be found on the site of former barracks, which now houses Leuphana. But they are now bicycles, and lots of them, too. After all, as a sustainable university, Leuphana attaches great importance to climate-neutral mobility.

Zentralgebäude der Universität Lüneburg

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Studierende in der Bibliothek der Universität Lüneburg

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Studierende auf dem Campus der Universität Lüneburg

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Studierende auf den Fluren im Hochschulgebäude der Universität Lüneburg

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Studierende der Universität Lüneburg sitzen in Gruppen vor dem Hochschulgebäude zusammen

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Studierende lernen an studentischen Arbeitsplätzen an der Universität Lüneburg

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