Jade University of Applied Sciences
Universities of applied sciences that do not award doctorates
Founded 2009
6.399 Students
56 Study Programmes
"Night of the Profs"
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Type of control

under public law


Wilhelmshaven, Elsfleth, Oldenburg

Semester dates

Winter Semester from 1st of September to 29th of February Summer Semester from 1st of March to 31th of August

Jade University of Applied Sciences

Friedrich-Paffrath-Str. 101
D-26389 Wilhelmshaven
Tel.: (+49) 4421 985 0

University - The Particular

Jade University of Applied Sciences is a young university, but it draws on a long educational tradition. What does this mean? It was founded in 2009, the result of a merger of two universities of applied sciences. That means you will find the very latest learning and teaching concepts here, in addition to the solid experience and expertise of educational establishments dating back to 1832. What's more, although around 6,400 students are currently enrolled, they quickly adjust to the family-like atmosphere and enjoy lots of support throughout their time at university.

Study Programme - Main Focus

With our about 50 degree programmes ranging from Architecture, Construction, Geoinformation and Engineering Sciences, to Medical Technology, Business Administration, Nautical Science and Logistics, to Management/Information/Technology, we can offer innovative variety to suit all strengths and interests. Degree programmes such as "Audiometry and Audiology" and "Shipping and Port Operations" are unique to Jade University of Applied Sciences.

Background - The Insight

After its founding in 2009, the new university needed a new, catchy name. The perfect name was not difficult to find, as the Jade river winds through the three campus locations of Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg and Elsfleth. The Jade is a river in Lower Saxony about 22 km long, with its source near Oldenburg. It meanders through the District of Oldenburg in the Weser Marsh, and finally reaches the sea in Jade Bay, east of Varel.

One well-known graduate of Jade University of Applied Sciences is Olaf Lies, the current Minister for Economics of Lower Saxony. 

What's special here?

Once a year in November, some 30 professors from Jade University of Applied Sciences and University of Oldenburg take over the turntables in popular Oldenburg clubs. The "Night of the Profs" is great fun, and students get to know their "profs" from a completely different angle. The university's largest charity event draws more than 2,000 party guests each year.

Gruppe von Studierenden der Jade HS geht durch das Hochschulgebäude

© Jade Hochschule

Studierende lernen gemeinsam auf einer Wiese am Campus Wilhelmshaven der Jade HS

© Jade Hochschule

Viele Studierende stehen vor der Infothek am Campus Oldenburg der Jade HS zusammen

© Jade Hochschule

Hochschulgebäude der Jade HS am Campus Oldenburg

© Jade Hochschule

Zwei Studierende der Jade HS betrachten etwas auf einem Tablet-PC

© Jade HS, Bonnie Bartusch

Zwei Studierende der Jade HS markieren Punkte auf einer Weltkarte

© Jade HS, Bonnie Bartusch

Studierende der Jade HS lernen gemeinsam im Hochschulgebäude

© Jade HS, Bonnie Bartusch

Sounds great! What's next?

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