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What is life like in Lower Saxony? Which formalities should be considered when you are new in Lower Saxony? And how to get medical help, if necessary? Find the answers here!

Facts & Info
In Germany, health insurance is obligatory. This way you will be cared for in case of an illness, rather than being faced with financial difficulties. Here we will tell you how to find the right kind of health insurance and how to get medical help when you need it.
Facts & Info
If you are new in a town or community in Lower Saxony, there are some rules and regulations you will have to follow. Find information here on how to register with the Residents' Registration Office or the Foreigners' Registration Office, how to open a German bank account, and how to get your driving licence checked.
Facts & Info
You have questions or need help? Ask the International Office / "Akademisches Auslandsamt" of your university in Lower Saxony! Here you will find the right contact for every aspect of living and studying in Lower Saxony.

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