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Choosing the right university is key to your academic success, as the type of university and the degree programme should match your interests and skills. Find out which types of universities and degrees there are in Lower Saxony, and how your studies will be organised:

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Finding the right university is an important part of deciding what to study, since the choice of study programmes varies amongst the different universities. If you are looking for a more practical study programme, a university of applied sciences may be just the thing for you. Universities can be the right choice if you prefer a more academic, theory-oriented type of study.
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With the decision for a study programme, you also determine which type of degree you will earn. Depending on your educational background, you can attend the universities in Lower Saxony e. g. to acquire a Bachelor's degree as a first degree with professional qualification, pursue a Master's degree for further qualification, or complete a PhD-programme to earn your doctorate.
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The efficient organisation of your studies is important if you want to study successfully - but how does studying work in Lower Saxony? We briefly explain what you will need to know about modules, study regulations, credit points and the course catalogue, how the German grading system works, which types of courses you may encounter, and which dates from the academic calendar you should keep in mind.

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