Study in Lower Saxony
Different Ways to Study


Exchange semester, short-term stay, or full degree? Bachelor's or Master's degree? Studying in German, or rather an international degree programme? There are many ways to create your study experience in Lower Saxony! You are not sure yet which path to choose? No problem – here you will find the most important information on the various options:

Facts & Info
You would like to gain international experience? Then an exchange semester in addition to your studies at home, a fascinating specialised course, or a German course in Lower Saxony might be just the thing for you!
Facts & Info
An exchange semester or a short-term stay are not enough for you, because you would prefer to complete a full degree in Lower Saxony? Great idea! We will tell you why studying in Lower Saxony is worth it, and how you can find a study programme that fits you just right.
Facts & Info
International study programmes are tailored to the needs of international students. Usually, the primary language of instruction is English. That way, you can benefit from the advantages of studying in Lower Saxony – even if your German language skills are not (yet) good enough for a full degree programme in German.

Not quite sure yet, if studying in Lower Saxony is even right for you? Test yourself!

The decision to study abroad needs to be taken with care, and it needs to suit your interests and skills. To find out in advance if studying at a university in Lower Saxony is right for you, you can take an aptitude test for international students.

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