HKS - University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ottersberg
Universities of applied sciences that do not award doctorates
Founded 1967
297 Students
6 Study Programmes
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HKS - University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ottersberg

Große Straße 107
D-28870 Ottersberg
Tel.: (+49) 4205 3949 0

University - The Particular

HKS – University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ottersberg is a place of comprehensive artistic and artistically applied education and training, and a driving force for social innovation.

Creative, accessible and responsible learning takes place through the use of transdisciplinary and artistic-performative methods. The aim of these approaches is to create activating, supportive and healing effects in different social fields.

Throughout their time here, each student has his or her own space in a studio. The pastoral, natural location of the university contrasts with the urban centres of arts of Bremen and Hamburg.

Study Programme - Main Focus

Artistic, artistic-therapeutic and pedagogical expertise is developed in intensive practical courses and secondary classes in the humanities and cultural-theoretical classes. In the therapeutic fields, focus is placed on systemically oriented therapy and art therapy on an anthroposophical basis. Dance is made the primary focus in the Department of Theatre. The university offers a wide range of study, project and exhibition spaces for students as well as for alumni.

Background - The Insight

Currently, HKS is establishing a key research area entitled "Artistic Interventions in Health Promotion and Prevention", underwritten by the Volkswagen Foundation (VolkswagenStiftung). The project is applying what are known as "evidence-based and artistic research methods" to social fields of action such as hospitals, law enforcement agencies and companies.

An award-winning ecologically oriented dining hall system with a chef and teams of students implements the principle of "caring for one another". Moreover, additional participatory project opportunities enrich life on campus in the fields of marketing and art in public spaces. 

What's special here?

"Ottersberg is unmöglich, aber machbar." ("Ottersberg is impossible, but feasible.") – A bold slogan from a series of aesthetic advertising postcards developed collaboratively by students and teaching staff that are distributed in cultural and dining hotspots in the area.

Zuschauende beobachten eine an Seilen schwebende Künstlerin an der HKS Ottersberg, die in den Sand unter sich zeichnet

© HKS Ottersberg

Studierende der HKS Ottersberg arbeiten im Atelier an ihren Kunstwerken

© HKS Ottersberg / Jochen Stenschke

Studierende mit ihren großformatigen Kunstwerken vor dem Hochschulgebäude der HKS Ottersberg

© HKS Ottersberg / Jochen Stenschke