Hochschule Weserbergland
Universities of applied sciences that do not award doctorates
Founded 2010
498 Students
5 Study Programmes
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Hochschule Weserbergland

Am Stockhof 2
D-31785 Hameln
Tel.: (+49) 5151 9559 0

University - The Particular

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action." These words by Herbert Spencer (1820-1903, English philosopher) succinctly summarise the main objective of the Hochschule Weserbergland (HSW). The strength of the educational programmes and courses offered by the university for practical integration is its combination of research, teaching and practice. For this reason, HSW puts quality ahead of quantity. Small study groups and an above-average student/staff ratio facilitate a personal teaching and learning atmosphere and the individual development of core competencies.

Study Programme - Main Focus

HSW focuses on practice-integrating dual-system degree programmes, connecting university education with practical training periods in a company. Dual degree programmes can be tailored to sector-specific requirements through a variety of different vocational specialisations. In addition, HSW provides part-time degree programmes, taking into account the needs of employees and employers in a demand-sensitive and sustainable way. As a result, they develop professional and personal talents in all phases of their life and career.

Background - The Insight

During their studies at HSW, students work on various projects from real-world practice. The results are integrated into corporate development plans, and some projects attract even more attention in competitions. In recent years, students from HSW have been awarded the Postbank Finance Award, the Energy Award and the DGFP Bachelor Prize, among others.

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