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Founded 2012
91 Students
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University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology

Missionsstr. 3-5
D-29320 Hermannsburg
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University - The Particular

Around 90 people from a range of different denominational and religious backgrounds from Germany and 20 other countries study at the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg (FIT). They range from the USA to China, and from Finland to South Africa. Intercultural competence and interreligious communication are not only subjects of abstract theoretical teachings, but are practised every day by living and learning together on campus. Academic and practice-oriented B.A. programmes provide access to postgraduate studies and to employment in intercultural, global, ecclesiastical and ecumenical contexts.

Study Programme - Main Focus

FIT examines global processes of change, such as migration and refugee flight, as well as encounters among different churches, cultures and religions, and contextualises the resulting challenges for society and the church by offering the following area specialisations:

  • Intercultural theology and hermeneutics
  • Interreligious dialogue
  • Social work and congregation work in an intercultural and migration-related context
  • Global cooperation in an ecclesiastical, ecumenical and interreligious context
  • Leadership, organisation and project management in churches and NGOs
  • International diaconia

Background - The Insight

FIT is not only dedicated to research and teaching, but also contributes to socially relevant topics and debates. As a result, in cooperation with the Afrikanischer Dachverband Nord e.V., FIT put together an exhibition on the topic of "Black.White.German. Africans in Lower Saxony – tracking down history" in 2015, and hosted an international interdisciplinary conference on the topic of "Churches of the Reformation in social and political responsibility for One World" in 2016.

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